Goshen High School Alumni Association

2010 Newsletter




Dear Alumni,

      We hoped you noticed the crest on the letter head of the newsletter. The development of the seal was one of the projects undertaken by the alumni association this year. We used the spirit of the GHS seal and surrounded it by our own symbols. With the ideas and approval of the alumni committee, Doug Whitley, Bruce Kannenberg and Joyce Croley created the new symbol of our organization.

     The Goshen High School Alumni will be having its 112th annual alumni event on May 8th, 2010 at THE GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOL. The evening begins with a Friendship Hour at 4:00 in the GoshenHigh School small gym. Appetizers and beverages will be provided during the Friendship Hour. The Friendship Hour is free. Dinner follows the Friendship Hour in the cafeteria and begins at 6:30 pm. The dinner cost is $10.00 per person.

     We have struggled to maintain this price and will continue this amount for one more year. The GHS Alumni Association has lost money each year on the dinner, but we have been able to hold the cost by alumni committee donations. We have lost several of those generous members and will be forced to charge more money in the future years to cover our costs. However, we will keep it as low as possible to allow and encourage more Goshen grads to attend.

     You may request dinner tickets by enclosing your requests with a check for the dinner(s). Please include your graduation year on your check. If you would like to have your dinner tickets mailed to you, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. You may contact Candy Fisher Meadors ONLY for dinner tickets @513-310-2626 in the evening or weekend hours. THE DEADLINE FOR REQUESTS FOR DINNER TICKETS IS MAY 3rd, 2010. All checks for dinner tickets should be made out to the GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.

      This year we will honor the classes of 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995 , 2000 and 2010 . If you are a member of one of the honored classes this year, please volunteer to introduce your class members. If you would like to be the representative for your class, please contact Candy Meadors @ 513-310-2626.

      As an important reminder, the main focus of the Alumni Association is to provide scholarships to deserving students to further their education. We also provide a vehicle for Goshen graduates to reunite each year through the GHS Alumni Dinner and Friendship Hour. We also maintain a graduate database to preserve the history of our school and its graduates. We’ve created a website (goshenalumni.com) to keep graduates and community members informed of school history and alumni activities. We assist classes in organizing their own reunions. We’re currently assisting the school in researching class valedictorians so they can be honored. We send a newsletter out each spring to all our graduates starting at their 10th year reunions.

     We honor those graduates whose outstanding contributions and actions have brought pride to our schools and community. We also honor community members and those teachers and administrators who played such a large part in shaping the lives of our students. You can also nominate someone for the Hall of Fame at goshenalumni.com.

     We are pleased to announce that former football coach, Jim Brown, Robert Winterberger (class of 1952), Brian and David Poe (class of 1986), and Marilyn Whitacre Huffaker (class of 1957) will be inducted into the Goshen Hall of Fame this year. We hope that you will join us as we honor these outstanding inductees.






      If you received help from the alumni, PTA, GEA, PAL or any other school scholarship, this may be the time you can help someone else. Please consider donating $5.00. Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be applied toward scholarship money for students, and even in these economic times small amounts add up quickly. Last year ten recipients received scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each.

    Last year, the following individuals generously donated money to the GHS Alumni  Scholarship Fund.  We greatly appreciate their contributions.  Thank you.

                Note : Sue Holt was accidently left off the list and if anyone else was omitted,

                            please contact us as soon as possible. 


Emerson and Violet Adkins                                                      Sally and Patrick Maynard

Patsy and Louis Binkley                                                            Harold and Donna Michel

Mary, Roger, and John Bodley                                                  Tim and Glenda Moore

Linda and Jim Brown                                                                 Dianne Pierson

Adeline Cornwell                                                                       Mrs. Richalee Rice

Joyce Croley                                                                               Mark Russell

Johanna and John Delar                                                            Rosemary and Carl Schrichten

James E. Doyle                                                                           Jan Schoellman

Judith and Frank Fender                                                            Steve and Jackie Schwinn

Erhard and Jessica Gruber                                                         Bill and Elizabeth Smith

Paul Hines                                                                                  Bill and Phyllis Smith

Arthur and Pat Keiser                                                                Joe and Jane Spaulding

Wayne and Mary Jo Langguth                                                    Eva M. Steele

Ruth and Fred Kleespies                                                            Jennifer Sutphen

Wayne and Mary Jo Langguth                                                    Lois and Michael Swift

Loveland Aerie of Eagles Post 3006                                          Shirley Trester

Cindy and Eric Lutz                                                                     Pamela Trester

Janet Martin                                                                               JoAnn Ward

Kathryn Stagge Marr                                                                   Robert and Helen Winterberger













         Kathryn Stagge        Kathyrn Marr


      Many of you are already aware that Kathryn Marr and her husband, Larry, donated money to the Alumni Association through their estate. Money was given to the Goshen School Board for disbursement to the Alumni Association for scholarships. We are working on becoming a 501 (c)(3)non-profit organization so that in the future, contributions can be donated tax free. The GHS Alumni Association still needs contributions to sustain the scholarship fund.

     While trying to reconstruct graduation classes, we’ve discovered that graduation programs are the ideal source of information about any class. If you still have a copy of your commencement program, please consider sending a copy to Mark Slagle or Joyce Croley. We desperately need programs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

      If you received this letter with an incorrect name and/or address, addressed to a deceased family member or any other problem, please let us know. If you have an email address, PLEASE send it to historian@goshenalumni.com . We are constantly updating our database. We’d also like to thank Chris Pettigrew Benitez for her help during our transfer to Access 2007 and her help troubleshooting problems.

      We are always looking for new members, new ideas and new ways to raise money. We’re a fun group and we always have great food to snack on. Please feel free to attend an Alumni meeting, which is held on the 2nd Sunday of the month from January through June and from October through November at the Goshen Township Hall. Please consider becoming an active member of the Goshen Alumni Association soon. Our Website is goshenalumni.com and our mailing address is P.O. Box 113 Goshen, Ohio 45122.

     As always we are looking forward to seeing you on May 8, 2010 at the NEW GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOL for the friendship hour or dinner.

                                                                        Mark Slagle



                                                        Goshen High School Alumni Association












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