Charles Eades

Class of 1947

2002 Hall of Fame






               Charles Joseph Eades would prefer to be called simply "Chuck". Chuck was born in 1928 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the oldest son of William Robert Eades (1889-1940) and Elvira Fay Arbogast Eades (1901-1935). He has a younger brother, Ace Eades. When Chuckís parents passed away, they became orphans and lived in a childrenís home. Eventually they were sent to live with foster parents in Goshen, Ohio. Carey and Lulu Thompson, raised the boys on a farm, 3 miles east of Goshen, on State Route 28.

             From a young age Chuck worked and attended school at the same time. At age 13, he obtained a driverís license to operate a large truck, hauling milk in 10 gallon cans from local farms to dairies in Cincinnati. He worked from 4 am until 10 am, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. This schedule often caused conflicts with school and arrangements had to be made for him to make up the school work he missed. Despite the hard work schedule, Chuck managed to letter in high school basketball and was the catcher for the high school baseball team. While at Goshen High, Chuck met his future wife, a classmate named Doris Lee Grimm (Class of 1947). They were married a few months after graduation on September 6, 1947 and together have had three children; Kathy, a retired accountant; Charles Jr., a retired attorney and David, an occupational therapist.

              Charles served in the Army in WWII in the 1560th Airborne Special Unit (a Parachute Demonstration Unit) and he also served in the Korean War in the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Unit known as the Rakkasans .

              After his military service, Charles completed his college degree at the University of Cincinnati receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He opened a public accounting practice at 125 Water Street in Milford, Ohio and proceeded to pass the realtor and insurance agent tests.

            Six years later, in the early 1960ís, Charles began working as a CPA for Emery Industries, Cincinnati, Ohio. Owner, Jack Emery sent Chuck back for more class work at the Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Program and then the Wharton School of Management at the University of Pennsylvania. He eventually combined all this class work together to receive an MBA degree from Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth. Emery Industries rapid growth in the early 1960ís called for increased personnel . Chuck was assigned as Assistant Corporate Secretary/Treasurer of the company. This led to the development of Emery Ltd and Chuck as President and CEO.

           When Jack Emery, owner of Emery Industries died, he opted to accept a job in Nashville, Tennessee working as Vice President of Ingram Industries and President and CEO of Tennessee Insurance Company. Upon retirement from Ingram, Chuck moved from Nashville to the quiet town of Franklin, Tennessee. There he was elected to The Williamson County Commission.

            It is worth mentioning, that in his early years in Ohio, Chuck helped form and became President of the N/W Clermont County Civic Association that brought people of Miami Township together to find safer, cleaner water . During the construction fire hydrants were installed every 500 feet. Along with all this, they needed firemen, a fire- engine and a fire house. Chuck trained as a fireman and helped raise funds to buy the fire engine and construct a fire house. They were so successful with the Miami Township water system that Goshen Township and other surrounding townships wanted help to get safe water systems. With the efforts of Frank Hoggatt and Carey Thompson, enough signatures were obtained in Goshen to start construction and Goshen joined the water system. Eventually all of Clermont County joined.

         He was also a Boy Scout Leader, Troop 419 in Mulberry, Ohio as well as a Little League Baseball team manager.

         In 1990, upon retirement, he located an uncle on his mother's side of the family and began finding the relatives he never known. This discovery led Chuck to  researched the genealogy of his motherís family, the Arbogastís andhe has published five volumes of information titled, "Descendents Of Michael Arbogast" that complies over 22,000 individuals.

          In May, 2002 , he became the eleventh inductee of the Goshen High School Hall of Fame at their 107th Alumni Banquet for "lifetime achievement and outstanding service to our nation, state and community."Chuck and family still reside in Franklin, Tennesee and remain a devoted an active member of the Goshen High School Hall of Fame.

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