James Hoggatt

Class of 1905

1998 Hall of Fame

Frank B. Hoggatt

        Frank Bohen Hoggatt, the son of Reverend William S. Hoggatt and Emma K. Maxfield Hoggatt was born April 8, 1888 in Newtonsville, Wayne Township, Clermont County, Ohio. He had one brother, George D. Hoggatt, born July, 1894.

        Frank graduated from Goshen High School, Class of 1905. On April 27, 1907, at the age of 19, he married his high school sweetheart, Stella Florence Leever who was also a graduate of Goshen High School, Class of 1905. Stella was the youngest daughter of Edward Clark Leever and Meredith "Della" Watson Leever of Goshen, Ohio. She had five brothers and four sisters. One brother, Sam Leever, nicknamed "The Goshen Schoolmaster," was an American right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball, spending his entire career with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

        Frank and Stella had one daughter, Emma Margaret Hoggatt, born May 2, 1909. Margaret graduated with Goshen High Schools, Class of 1926. In the 1920’s Frank, Stella and Emma resided in Pleasant Plain, Ohio but in the 1930’s they moved into the Goshen village and resided with their daughter, her husband, Theodore Bailey and a granddaughter, Catherine.

        Mr. Hoggatt’s dedication to education is impressive. He received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Wilmington College, class of 1925 and then continued his graduate work at Miami University, Lebanon National Normal University and the University of Cincinnati.

         He was a teacher for the Goshen Township schools from 1909 – 1913. Owensville historical records indicate that he taught at the Modest School No. 1, although the total years in this position are unknown. In 1923 Frank returned to Goshen and held the position of Superintendent of Goshen Township Centralized School. A position he occupied until 1936. During this tenure as Superintendent, Mr. Hoggatt worked as business manager and helped to publish the first Goshen School yearbook, GOSHENENSIS. The year was 1928. Within the pages of this book, he wrote an introduction entitled "Historia Altae Scholae Goshenenensis". To quote Frank, "In the foregoing lines I have endeavored to describe in my poor way the evolution of Goshen Township High School".

       In 1936, Frank became the Superintendent of Clermont County Schools, Batavia, Ohio. He held this position until his retirement in 1953.

       Well known in the field of education, Frank also gained fame as a poet and sportsman. He was long considered one of the best clay bird shots in Ohio and was a familiar figure at the National Championships, at Vandalia, where he finished in the top money a number of times.

       Frank passed December 11, 1959 at Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio.


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