Charles McHenry

Class of 1942

2011 Hall of Fame

        Charles E. Mc Henry was born on August 29, 1922 in Pleasant Plain, Ohio.  He lived in Pleasant Plain and went to school in a one room school house

for eight years. One teacher taught all eight grades all the subjects.

         The Pleasant Plain students then went to Goshen High School for 4 years. Charley graduated in 1942.  After graduation, it wasn't long until he

joined the Marines in February 1943.  He took his training at camp Pentelton in California.  He was sent overseas to the South Pacific when he finished training.

world War II was in full force. He was wounded on November 1943 at Tarawa in one of the bloodiest battles of the war.  The ocean water was red where

 so many marines were shot and lost their lives going on shore.

           Charley made it to shore but, was shot through both legs.  After the fighting was over, the Red Cross picked him up the next morning and took him

 on a hospital ship to Hawaii.  He was taken from there to a hospital in California where he was put in a cast for 18 months.  He was one of the first Marines

to receive penicillin for his wounds.

           He got an honorable discharge when the war was over and was awarded the Purple Heart. He returned home in 1945.

           After he returned home, he married Evelyn Irwin, one of his high school classmates.  He now lives in Mt Repose on a small farm and raises

beef cattle and has his own vegetable garden.

           He is a past president of theGoshen VFW and an over 50 year member of the Goshen Masonic Lodge. He worked for Milacron for 30 years

and retired at the age of 58.

           Charley and Evelyn faithfully attended the GHS Alumni Banquet for many years. He is liked by everyone who know him. His family  gets together on all

 holidays and they celebrate all family birthdays.  Charley and Evelyn were married for over 65 years and until Evelyn passed away this year. Evelyn died

 knowing that Charley would be inducted into this year's Hall of Fame.

                                                            Charles was nominated by Dorothy (Roudebush) Mosbacker Class of 1942





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