Dorothy Roudebush Mosbacker

Class of 1942

2004 Hall of Fame





Dorothy Louise Roudebush Mosbacker

      Dorothy Roudebush was born April 11, 1926 in a home just below Owensville, Ohio. Dorothy was welcomed by her parents Marshall A. Roudebush and Helen Rutledge Roudebush and her brother George and sisters Edith and Eunice. Two years later, she welcomed another sister Grace. When Dorothy was four, her father became a bus driver and they moved to Mariemont and then to Maderia two years later.

    Dorothy started school in Maderia but she moved to Goshen after her third grade. "I always loved school and all my teachers" stated Dorothy. She remembers her 4th grade teacher, Ruby Yeoman with fond memories and enjoyed having her cousin Aureila Cook as her 5th grade teacher. Her high school years were filled with classes taught by L. G Hause, Willis Gormley, Frank Mason, Aurelia Cook, Nelly and Christine Williams. Her closest classmates were Ina Chrisman Binkley and Mary Ann Motsinger. The class of 1942 was close and had many well known Goshen residents such as Charles McHenry, Helen Wiederhold, Richard Voll, Gilbert Wilson, Ralph Keller and James Heywood.

    Dorothy also loved all sports. She made the varsity basketball team when she was a freshman. It was made more exciting since her sister Eunice, a senior, was also on the team. The following year, they ruled that basketball was too hard on girls so her freshman year was the last time Goshen had a team for many years.

     Both George and Eunice graduated from Goshen but her sister Edith decided to get married after her Junior year. Dorothy graduated from Goshen in 1942. Dorothy and her parents soon moved to Batavia where her sister Grace graduated.

     Dorothy started to work as a secretary in the Clermont County Treasurerís office, the June after she graduated from Goshen High School." I was so thankful for the wonderful training I received at Goshen High School. I could type fast and take notes in shorthand. It was before the computer age and we did everything by hand". She worked for three years before quitting to get married.

    Although she had her wedding planned at her church in Batavia, World War II was coming to an end and her husband to be was confined to the base to help close down affairs. He asked her to join him and be married. On August 2, 1945, Dorothy and Homer H. Mosbacker were married at the Alameda Air Force Base Chapel in Alameda, California.

     Homer was a pilot in the Navy. They were transferred twice before Homer was released from the Navy and they returned to Batavia. Homer and Dorothy were farmers until 1974 and Dorothy was hired as a teacherís aide in the Batavia School district. She worked for nine years as a Title I Reading teacher and seven years in the elementary school library.

     Dorothy has two sons, Rodney and Victor and one daughter Kellene. Rodney is a West Point Graduate and worked in the Army until he retired and started working for the Defense Department. Victor worked for Nutone for 35 years until he retired. Kellene is a registered nurse. She has seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

     Homer became the local John Deere dealer and ran a Mobil Oil business too. Dorothy kept the books for the businesses. Homer passed away in 1983.

   Dorothy is still very active. She attends the Faith United Methodist Church and is active in the Womenís group. She also enjoys playing the bells in the senior group. The first Tuesday of the month, Dorothy goes to Veterans Homes or nursing homes and entertains them by playing the bells. She also enjoys playing cards every Thursday.

    Dorothy is also a 69 year member of the Order of the Eastern Star. She is Past Matron, Past Grand Representative of Missouri in Ohio and a Past Deputy Grand Matron.

    Dorothy has been active in the Goshen High School Alumni Association since she graduated from Goshen High School. She has attended all the banquets since she graduated and has helped organize many of them throughout the years. She was one of the charter members of todayís formal group. She, Ina Binkley, Mary Ann Motsinger, the Chrismans, the Dunnings and Adeline Cornwell helped create an official organization. Dorothy was President of the Goshen High School Alumni Association in 1964. She is still an active and faithful member of the organization today. Dorothy and her son Victor are two of the mainstays in organizing and setting up the annual banquet. It is because of such devotion and hard work that we have such a strong and respected alumni group. The Goshen High School Alumni Association is proud to honor Dorothy for her dedication and hard work. It is our honor to nominate Dorothy Louise Roudebush Mosbacker to our Goshen High School Alumni Hall of Fame.


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