Scott Mohler

Teacher/Coach and Guidance Counselor

2007 Hall of Fame

               Scott Mohler was born in Liberty Center, Ohio.  Scott was a guard on his Liberty Center High School basketball team.  He also played on the basketball team at Bluffton College for one year. At Wilmington College he got his bachelor's degree in physical education.  His masters in counseling was received from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

              Scott Mohler met Peggy Mohler at Wilmington College and eventually married her.  They have a daughter named Jennifer. Jennifer gave them two grandchildren, Cole and Delaney, who are both involved in Goshen Schools and its sports programs. Coach Mohler is retired.  He works part time at Goshen high School as a counselor in charge of getting seniors scholarships for college.

              His outside interests include golf, watching tv and movies, reading books, and doing things with his family.  He currently lives in Milford, Ohio.



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