Joseph Spaulding Jr.

Class of 1952

1999 Hall of Fame


Joseph Spaulding Jr.

       Joseph Spaulding Jr. was born in Cincinnati in February 1934 and moved to Goshen in 1937 at age 3. The flood of 1937 chased the Spaulding family out of Cincinnati. Joe and Jane Dunning Spaulding have lived at their present address since 1958.

      Joe attended Goshen Schools 12 years and graduated in 1952. Joe played basketball for 4 years, was in the band and choir for 6 years. Following high school, he attended Miami University for 1 years and spent 2 years in the U. S. Army (1954-1956). In 1955,he married Jane Dunning, another GHS class of 1952 grad. They have two children, Mary Jo and Todd, both graduated from Goshen, and three grandchildren. Two of the three also attended Goshen Schools.

      Joe started Wilmington College in 1956 after his Army tour. He received a BA degree in 1959 and finished a Master of Education degree from Xavier in 1961. He took 40 hours of post graduate work at Miami University over the next 10 years.

       He started teaching in Goshen Schools in February 1959 when Miss Christine Williams, the music teacher, fell and broke her leg. He taught public school music K through 6 under Kathryn Marr. The next three years, 1959-1962, he taught public school music and Ohio history in grades 7 and 8. Joe also taught psychology and physiology to seniors in 1961 and 1962 along with directing 7th and 8th grade chorus. The next 3 years he was assistant principal and guidance counselor under Dan Heisler at the Middle School. He took over as principal of the Middle School in 1966. As principal, he purchased the first computers in the Goshen Local Schools District. He retired from Goshen Schools in July 1986 after being Middle School principal for 20 years.   On November 2, 2003, the middle school was dedicated as the Spaulding Middle School Building in his honor. Today, it has been renamed the Spaulding Elementary School.

       After 3 years retirement,  he taught for 5 years at the Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center and also handled Traffic School classes for all the county juveniles with traffic violations.

       He started working for Family and Children First under the Department of Human Services of Clermont County at the Goshen Center in 1994 until the County Commissioners abolished the program in 2003.

       While in education, his volunteerism included serving as president of the Clermont County Teachers Association, president of Clermont County Schoolmasters Club, board member of the Southwestern Ohio Education Association, president of the Ohio Middle School Association and president of Clermont County Elementary School Administrators.

      Joe's  volunteerism includes: Helped start LOGI, a grass roots community initiative in 1992. He was chair of LOGI until Eric Lutz took over in 2004. During this time he initiated town meetings, advocated for senior housing in Goshen and brought the Shot Clinic, WIC and other county services to the community as part of his duties with the Family and Children First program.

       He has been a member of the Goshen United Methodist Church since 1937. Volunteering in the church consisted of chairman of the Administrative Board for 11 years, Pastor Parish Committee for many years and was chair of the building committee for the present church. He helped start and run the food pantry that serves the Goshen community. He was responsible for the Agape Fund which assists needy families. Joe taught Sunday School classes, worked with the youth program and a choir member for 61 years with time out for the Army and college.

        A charter member of the Goshen Lions Club since  June 30, 1975, he has held all the offices at various times. He is the contact for eyeglasses and examinations in the Goshen community through the Lions Club. The Lions Club fulfills all requests for eyeglasses and exams from the school nurse and school guidance counselors.

        Joe has served as the Salvation army contact in Goshen for 26 years.

        Joe has served on the Clermont Counseling Center Board of Trustees for 24 years and was chairman for 7 years.

        Joe has served on the Community Service Board of Trustees for the past 16 years.

        Joe has served on the selection committee for the Clermont County Sports Hall of Fame under the direction of Richard Crawford, County Historian.

         Joe has served on the Great Oaks Grads Program.

         He is a member of the Goshen Alumni Association, The Clermont County Retired Teachers Association, the Cook Log Cabin Restoration Committee, a Life Member of the Goshen Historical Society and a Goshen Park Commissioner.  Joe is a Life Member of the Ohio Education Association and the National Education Association.

        Joe Spaulding Jr. has devoted his life to education and to the service of the Goshen Community. It is with pride and honor that Joe Spaulding Jr. is one of Goshen High School 's Hall of Fame.




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