Daniel Heisler

Class of 1938

1998 Hall of Fame




Daniel Heisler

Dan Heisler was born in 1929.  Dan's parent's were John Henry Heisler and Martha Lloyd Heisler.

Dan had five brothers and three sisters.  Dan graduated from Goshen High School in 1938 and attended

Wilmington College.  Dan married his sweet heart Verna and they had three boys and a girl.

During world War II, Dan served in the U.S Army.

Dan was a Goshen Junior High Principal during the 60's and coached and played on the Goshen

Baseball Town Team. During his stay at Goshen, he was the Goshen Representative for Knothole

Once he personally raised $800.00 for the Knothole Kid Glove Game.

After leaving Goshen, he was a County Superintendent for three districts. After receiving his

doctorate degree, he was a professor at Bowling Green University , where he retired from teaching.

Dan was a devoted Goshen Alumnus.  He attend almost every Goshen Alumni Banquet and was the oldest attending

alumnus until he died in late fall of 2014.




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